Reading and writing are strongly linked in our teaching and, as a result of this, each English lesson begins with the sharing and exploration of high-quality texts linked to their current topic with a strong focus in each year group on vocabulary development-ie exploring the meaning, origin, purpose and synonyms of a chosen word or words-depending on the year group. We also each term explore the genres; Fiction, Non-fiction and Poetry, dedicating time to each.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar are recognised as the essential ingredients for writing and so at Oakfield we have developed a programme for teaching grammar and punctuation (in accordance with the National Curriculum guidelines) which incorporates the use of ‘Alan Peat’ sentence types. It is an expectation that children will cover the grammar, punctuation and sentence types for their current year group and demonstrate them in their writing. Skills taught in the daily GAPs sessions must be reflected in writing undertaken during the English lesson in order to demonstrate their use in context.

It is also an expectation that clear, hierarchal  success criteria is displayed for each piece of writing and that hierarchal marking ladders are provided for each independent piece of writing, which is completed weekly from year groups 1-6. Children are to be encouraged to use the success criteria in order to check their own work and edit accordingly.

Neat, tidy presentation is to be encouraged at all times. Joined handwriting is introduced in year 2 and continues to be taught 2x weekly as children progress through the school. It is an expectation that children will apply these skills to work in neat, joined handwriting at all times. Once children are working consistently in a neat, joined style, they will begin to work in pen.


From year 2-6, the Spelling Shed scheme is used with a taught spelling session on a Monday and spellings sent home with children that day. Each school day begins with children practising their new spellings in preparation for the spelling test the following Monday.