Science at Oakfield Primary school is all about enriching our children whilst ensuring they develop an understanding of the world around us. We help them make sense of the world through different investigations and practical experiences where possible.

We aim to make science fun and exciting, providing opportunities for children to develop their enquiry and observational skills.

“The important thing is to never stop questioning. ” – Albert Einstein


Oakfield Primary school are proud to be part of the Polli:Nation project!

We have been part of the Polli:Nation project which is funded by the national Lottery. Polli:Nation project is a UK wide initiative supporting pupils from 260 schools to turn their school grounds and other local walk-to spaces into pollinator friendly habitats.

The aim of the project is to engage and enthuse children and young people to protect pollinating insect species in the UK. The project hopes to see an increase in the number and diversity of pollinating insect species in school grounds and local community spaces.

We have developed our gardens to support the project and welcome any visitors to come and see the garden and the pollinating insects it has attracted.

Within our Science lessons, children have a great hands-on experience when learning about plants and insects.

Oakfield Primary

Our lovely new garden area.

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