At Oakfield Primary School as part of our English curriculum we promote children’s understanding through a love of learning.

The curriculum skills are developed through the process of collaborative learning and engaging, challenging lessons. In accordance with the school’s philosophy, we seek to inspire all pupils with a positive attitude towards English and towards the general development of the literacy skills.

By the end of Key Stage 2, for our children to be literate, confident and creative communicators, who can thrive in the next part of their learning and succeed in society.

Reading is considered to be central to all education, therefore children must be given every opportunity to learn the mechanics and techniques of reading and to enjoy their reading. In addition to the reading in school, our children are expected to read five times per week at home in KS1 and KS2. This is rewarded and those who find it difficult to do so are directed towards library staff, who will give additional reading support within school. Every class has a reading initiative to encourage children to read at home which is displayed for the children to see their progress.

Children are also heard read at least 2x weekly by an adult in school (1x in a guided reading session 1x independently). As part of our school’s weekly English structure, children complete a taught reading comprehension session which links to their current topic or genre, and follows the mastery approach, where books are collected and marked in order to allow for further challenge for children who have achieved the objectives, or SDI with a member of staff, within the body of the lesson.

Children have access to a number of classic texts through the school reading scheme in order to increase children’s exposure to literary heritage texts. In afternoons, weekly, children are read a classic text by the teacher. Children also have access to the library, during the school day, where they can loan books to read for pleasure at home. Children are also exposed to

Children take part in Guided Reading sessions following the Reciprocal approach. During this allocated Reading time, children also have 3x Reading plus sessions online in order to increase their fluency and pace at a level which is pitched to their reading ability. Children also have these logins so they can carry on the success at home.

Children take home two books to read at home ensuring they get the opportunity to read widely in a range of genres. Eg: Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry.

Please take a look at our Virtual library and listen to some of our favourite stories on line:

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