PSHCE Intent

At Oakfield Primary School we use the Jigsaw PSHCE scheme of work and enhance our curriculum with a variety of resources to support teaching and learning in PSHCE & RSE.  Units of work are structured around the themes of: Being Me in My World, Celebrating Difference, Dreams and Goals, Healthy Me, Relationships, Changing Me, Financial Capability and basic First Aid.  This forms a sequenced and progressive curriculum for all of our pupils and ensures that our curriculum offer is relevant to children in today’s world.  Each lesson contributes to an aspect of Spiritual, Moral, Social or Cultural Development.

Our intent for PSHCE is that it:

  • Enables pupils to be aware of their own emotions and the emotions of others
  • Promotes mindfulness by teaching pupils a variety of techniques for the self-regulation of emotions
  • Builds emotional resilience, self-esteem, focus and motivation
  • Builds a mutual respect and tolerance of others
  • Enables pupils to know the importance of being healthy
  • Enables pupils to understand and be equipped to cope with issues such as body image, bullying and internet safety
  • Enables pupils to have an understanding of basic first aid
  • Enables pupils to have an early awareness and understanding of finance

The Relationships and Sex Education aspects of PSHCE education, compulsory in all schools from 2020, is delivered twice over each academic year, once by specialists from Big Talk Education with ‘Growing Up Safe’  delivered to Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 pupils, and ‘Sex and Relationships’ delivered to Key Stage 2 pupils.   Relationships and Sex Education is also delivered over a term by teaching staff via the topics ‘Relationships’ and ‘Changing Me.’ Parents are informed before the teaching of RSE takes place.

Implementation of PHSE & RSE

Outlined are the school overview, progression of knowledge, long term plan and medium term plans for PSHCE at Oakfield Primary School.