P.E. Intent

At Oakfield Primary School we have created an ambitious curriculum to ensure our pupils become competent participants across the three pillars: motor competence, learning the most efficient and safe movements; rules, strategies and tactics; the ability to move intelligently and healthy participation, covering the many aspects required to prepare for participation.  Our PE curriculum is knowledge rich and progressively sequenced to ensure fundamental movement skills are secured before accessing more specialised sports. We have revised and developed a progression of PE plans which are inclusive to ensure all pupils are given the opportunity to achieve.

We are committed to providing high quality PE lessons across a range of sporting activities to equip pupils with the ability to develop their competence and excel in a broad range of physical activities including gymnastics, dance, striking and fielding, net and wall games and locomotion. Throughout our PE lessons, we aspire to promote healthy lifestyles in order to encourage pupils to become physically active in and outside of school therefore developing a positive relationship around their own health. The majority of lessons, where applicable, follow this structure: instruction with demonstration; practise to refine and demonstrate their procedural knowledge and moving on to feedback to enhance learning further. Pupils are then given the opportunity to apply their declarative and procedural knowledge within a game or activity. Pupils are given the opportunity to participate and engage in competitive inter-school sports to provide application of knowledge and develop healthy participation in a range of sporting activities. We also aim to provide enrichment sessions such as Bikeability, Pedal Taster and athlete visits to inspire pupils.

Implementation of Physical Education:

Outlined are the school overview, progression of knowledge, long term plan and medium term plans for Physical Education at Oakfield Primary School.