At Oakfield Primary School, we are committed to providing children with high quality PE lessons across a range of sporting activities including gymnastics, athletics, orienteering, dance, striking and fielding and net and wall games.

We want children to adopt a positive attitude towards their health and this addressed through every PE lesson by providing children with exciting and challenging lessons. Every child has the opportunity to take part in two PE sessions per week to develop a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. It is a government requirement for all pupils to take part in a minimum of 2 hours of PE each week; therefore children need to ensure they bring their PE kit on the required days outlined on their class page.

As part of the PE curriculum, we are also developing our play times and lunchtimes to ensure children are given an opportunity to develop their sporting skills, play alongside children from different year groups and also fulfill the governments requirements to take part in 60 active minutes per day (30 minutes should be completed at school and the further 30 minutes at home).

Our aim is ensure every child develops and builds on their skills in each of the six areas each year through carefully mapped out skills based planning. The children are continually given the chance to share their work and progression in every lesson to demonstrate their understanding and develop their confidence when performing in front of others. This can be through a demonstration of a gymnastic routine or playing as part of team competing against another team. Children are also given the opportunity each year to take part in various workshops in school such as Skip 4 Life and ‘A Healthy Me’ as well as different sporting events outside of school.

Every school has been provided with a sum of money from the government to help develop a well rounded PE curriculum for every child. Full details of how the money will be spent can be found on the Sports Premium page.