Music Intent

At Oakfield Primary School we strive to provide an outstanding music education for pupils to make more music, think more musically & consequently become more musical.  The bespoke curriculum is planned and sequenced so that new musical knowledge and skills build on prior learning and towards a clearly defined end point.  The three pillars of the curriculum are planned for and are taught in conjunction with one another as it is our belief that theory and practice must be taught together. In conjunction with the Early Years Statutory Framework and the National Curriculum, our bespoke curriculum offer ensures that all opportunities and experiences are available to all pupils as it is truly inclusive. 

Each year we build upon the technique of singing and playing instruments, the understanding of music and technology and the technical systems for reading notation.  Every year group develops the knowledge of how music works through form and structure as well as through analysing and creating music (using their deeper knowledge of technical aspects each year).  Throughout the year groups, the pupils learn more about the provenance of music, how the musical elements work together and have opportunities to apply technical and constructive knowledge in the context of expressive knowledge to give personal musical meaning.  By the time pupils leave Oakfield Primary School, they will have had the opportunity to learn to play at least five musical instruments.

Implementation of Music:

Outlined are the school overview, progression of knowledge, long term plan and medium term plans for Music at Oakfield Primary School.