At Oakfield Primary School we provide a full learning programme of French from Year 1 through to Year 6. The children learn key vocabulary and how to apply it. They share in taster days (food and sport) and are visited by French individuals to find out the French ethos.

We follow the Salut! scheme of work and adapt it with our own resources to fully engage each and every child’s learning to ensure their French journey is as enriched as possible throughout their Primary phase.

The schemes of work include:


In Key Stage One the children are introduced to basic vocabulary relating to familiar contexts including, numbers, school, greetings and home.

They are then taught to apply this learning into a range of contexts including games, songs, stories, verbal and written responses.


Stage 1 (Year 3)

Core Units Animals, Food, At school

The Core units introduce basic language like colours and numbers that lay a foundation for the rest of the scheme. It also has three topic based units to spark children’s interests.


Stage 2 (Year 4)

Core Units Playtime, My home, My town, Describing people, the body, sport

This stage begins to introduce some more varied language and sentence structures, including sentences in the third person.


Stage 3 (Year 5)

Core Units On holiday, eating out, hobbies, a school trip, seasons, the environment

This stage contains more complex vocabulary and sentence structures. Children learn to use adjectives to add detail to their sentences and talk about their hobbies and holidays.


Stage 4 (Year 6)

Core Units actions, in France, family, a weekend with friends, the future, jobs

This stage introduces other tenses including the perfect and near future tenses. Children talk about what they have seen and done and what they are going to do in the future.