Computing Intent

At Oakfield Primary School we follow the National Curriculum aims and enhance our curriculum with resources from National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) to support teaching and learning in Computing.  Units of work are structured on the three core strands of computing; digital literacy, computer science and information technology. We use these strands to form 5 termly topics with the overarching themes of e-Safety (concurrently running throughout), Technology in our Lives, Programming, Multimedia and Handling Data to form a sequenced and progressive curriculum for all our pupils.

Our intent for Computing is to provide pupils with opportunities to:

  • receive a broad and balanced Computing experience
  • know how to use technology positively, safely and responsibly
  • build their subject knowledge to effectively demonstrate logical, creative and digitally literate thinking

Implementation of Computing:

Outlined are the school overview, progression of knowledge, long term plan and medium term plans for Computing at Oakfield Primary School.