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We take e-safety very seriously. Every year group in school is taught e-safety as part of the curriculum, learning about the following examples:

  • What to share and what not to share. 
  • Using e-mails safely. 
  • Keeping passwords secure
  • Safety using apps and websites where photos are shared. 

This is not an exhaustive list and shows some of the items we teach. 

We do appreciate however that sometimes what we teach does not always make its way home. Our children are aware of and use a variety of apps which could pose potential risks. The links below show where you, as parents/carers, can get extra information should you like to find out how you can ensure your child's safety online while at home.

Information and Guidance

Think u Know

Interactive activities included as part of the guidance


Includes guides on how to set up safe searches, change Facebook privacy settings and much more.

Vodafone Parents How to Guides

Guide on new Apps and sharing of pictures

NSPCC Preventing Abuse/Keeping Children Safe

Guide on Apps and sharing of pictures.

Net Aware

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