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Sports Premium 2018/2019


Sports Premium 2018/19

The Sports Premium is an amount of money allocated by the government for schools to use to improve sport and PE in school. Every school is required to use the money to develop or add to PE and sport activities, which is currently being provided. The changes we implement now need to be sustainable changes that will benefit children who attend the school in the future. 

At Oakfield Primary school our intentions for the Sports Premium are

  • Continue to ensure KS1 and KS2 access more inter school sporting activities/competitions. We will participate in events organised by the Sports Partnership.
  • Continue to provide FS, KS1 and KS2 in broad range of workshops within school.
  • Develop an intra school competition within the PE lessons.
  • Provide staff with CPD opportunities to ensure they can deliver high quality lessons.
  • To develop and improve the ‘active 60 minutes’ initiative, 30 minutes which need to be fulfilled by school. This will be carried out through -      
  • - staff meetings to discuss any necessary changes to the playtime and keeping various activities such as the daily mile, wake and shake and the use of brain gym activities during lesson times to keep children motivated and energised.                                                                                       
  •  - Providing lunchtime supervisors with training and support to deliver activities.                                                                                             
  •  - Providing up to 24 Y5 pupils with the opportunity to access the Sports Force training giving them to skills to lead activities at play time.               
  •  – Implementing ‘Active Bear’ to encourage classes to compete weekly focusing on the amount of steps they complete a s a class to keep them motivated and moving.                                                                                
  •  -Using ‘Healthy Homework’ to give parents and children ideas to keep active at home. Use dojos and facebook to promote levels of activity to the rest of the school.


What impact has the funding made?

  • More children are taking part in intra competitions giving them a sense of pride when representing the school. We have also entered those with low confidence and self esteem to give children a boost in their own ability. As a result this has developed their growth mindset across the curriculum.
  • There are more workshops available to all children in the school giving them the opportunity to learn new skills and activities to implement at playtime to fulfill their active 30 minutes.
  • Children are given a wide choice of activities to take part in during playtimes making their play active and enjoyable. This has also had a positive effect on their mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Identified groups of children from Foundation Stage to Y6 have been able to access small group work through ‘Get Going Wellbeing Programme.’ They have been able to develop different areas such as confidence and behaviour through play. Children have transferred these skills to other lessons and times of the day resulting in a positive impact on their learning.
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