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Welcome to Foundation!

Welcome to Foundation! In Foundation 2 (Reception) we have 30 pupils working together in one large unit. We share our outdoor learning space with our Nursery children. The adults in the unit are Mrs Redfearn, Mrs Shipley, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Drant. The adults who help us at lunchtime are Miss Adderley and Mrs Robinson Roe

new starters

Foundation Staff

Our Topic This Term is 'Once Upon A Time'

Our Autumn term night time topic...

Using our talking tub, children were encouraged to think about what they would like to find out about night time. Lots of the children wanted to find out about 'night time' animals (we now know that these animals are called 'nocturnal' animals) We invited Frank from St Andrews Hedgehog Hospital to tell us all about hedgehogs and he brought in Clarence,  a 15 month old rescue hedgehog. We found out lots of facts!

Did you know that young hedgehogs are called hoglets?

Did you know that hedgehogs can have between 6000 and 7000 spines?

Did you know that a hedgehogs favourite food is slug?


Our amazing outdoor area!

Our amazing outdoor area opened in July 2018 and is a fantastic addition to the new Nursery build. We encourage children to engage in open ended play and to keep themselves safe at all times by assessing their own risk..

Our school day

Please see below our timetable. PYOL stands for 'plan your own learning' where children are responsible for choosing an area to learn and selecting and using their own resources. Adults suppport during this time by observing, questioning if necessary and developing a child's learning journey by modelling, supporting, suggesting and providing any additional resources a child might need or ask for.




Lunch time

Pupils have the choice of either a school lunch cooked onsite, or a pack up provided by parents. We operate a cafe style system where you can choose on a daily basis if you wold like a school lunch or a pack up. Every child in Foundation and Years 1 and 2 is entitiled to universal free school meals. Foundation staff eat their lunch alongside the children and when the children have finished their lunch they return to the Foundation Unit to let their lunch settle and then play in te outdoor area with the suppport of the Y6 Buddies. During the Summer term they will play in the Key Stage 1 playground as part of their transition to Year 1.

Blast into reading!

Our 'Blast into Reading' strategy  encourages children to read five times a week at home,  in line with the rest of the school. Reading at home suppports the teaching of reading in school. Reading at home may include:

* reading their school reading book

* reading their library book

* reading their high frequency words

* sharing a bedtime story

* reading street / road signs, labels in shops - any words and letters in the envrionment!

'Share a story'

Each Friday at 2.45 pm we invite parents / carers and grandparents in  to 'Share a story' with the children. Please pop along if you are free - it is a great way to instil a love of reading in some our youngest children. Tea and coffe is served. 

Useful guides for parents and carers

Please see below our New Starters Booklet for parents and carers of children joining us in September 2018 and the slide show shared at the information evening for new starters on June 5th. We hope you find it a useful source of information. The document 'WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN?' is also a useful guide to give an outline of what your child should be doing within their age band - please remember though that each child develops at different rates.

Key Person

Each child in Foundation is assigned a key worker. Please see below information about the key person role:


In the moment planning

In addition to teaching children to be literate and numerate, at Oakfield we put children's interests at the heart of the curriculum and work with children in the moment, responding to their needs and interests. 

Snack time

We encourage the children to be as independent as possible within the environment and  when we feel the class is ready, we introduce a self-service snack area where children can pour themselves a drink and choose their own snack. Each Friday we make our own toast, decide which toppings we would like, look at the price list and pay for it using 1p coins. 

self service snack area


We draw on several phonics schemes to deliver our phonics programme.  A solid grasp of phonics enables chldren to read, write and spell from an early age. We use 'Jolly Phonics' in Reception to teach letters and sounds and Read Write Inc and Oxford Reading Tree texts for reading. Each week we will inform parent and carers of the letters and sounds children will learn the following week, via the curriculum letter in each child's home school link book. We also put our phonics songs on Classdojo for children to sing along to at home!




Great books to read!

Please see below images of recommended reads for children in Reception (taken from Pie Corbett's Reading Spine.) Your child will have the opportunity to bring each of these books home, along with a story sack to read and share with an adult.

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